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A lifelong public servant who is ready to fight again for the New Mexico we know. For too long the Third Congressional District has been left without a commonsense voice in Congress, who is willing to do what it takes to put New Mexicans first and deliver real results. 



Sharon's Story

Sharon Clahchischilliage is a lifelong public servant who has always fought for what is right, not politically convenient. From a young age, her family represented and served the people of the Navajo Nation and it's there she learned the values of passionate civil service and putting others above herself. 


With deep New Mexico roots, Sharon was raised with her family of farmers, cattle ranchers, and sheep herders. She understands the uniqueness of New Mexico's water and private lands issues, including the land grants that connects New Mexico to our diverse history. From grazing to water rights, protecting our acequias and traditional farming methods, Sharon will be a voice for all of New Mexicans who steward our beautiful lands. 

Sharon served our nation in the United States Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service, retiring as a Lieutenant and having been stationed across the country to help establish, grow, and facilitate health operations in critical situations. 

After earning her BS in Secondary Education from Eastern New Mexico University, Sharon began teaching Special Education in Farmington and Albuquerque. She understands the importance of a good education and respects the role of the parents being involved in every major decision for their child. It is here in the classroom that Sharon found her passion for helping young New Mexicans find their path to prosperity and protecting the traditional values that have made New Mexico strong for centuries. 

Sharon went on to represent the Navajo Nation in Washington D.C. as their lead advocate in the nation's capital. For over a decade, she fought for New Mexicans who were being left behind by their own government. Sharon gave a voice to the Navajo people in Washington and was critical in delivering funding for projects and services needed throughout the state. While in Washington, Sharon served as CEO of two national organizations, also nominated by President George W. Bush to be a Commissioner at Health and Human Services. Secretary Wilson appointed Sharon to serve as a tribal liaison for CYFD, protecting and caring for chilrdren across New Mexico. 

Coming home to New Mexico, Sharon went to work in various positions in the Navajo Nation government. There she worked with the leaders of the Navajo Nation, the state governments of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and the federal government to cut red tape and help deliver results for the hardworking people of New Mexico. Sharon was important in developing projects for all of Northern New Mexico. 

The entrenched insiders of Santa Fe were standing in the way of progress for the people she loved, so Sharon answered the call to serve once again as a State Representative. Defeating a long-time Democrat insider, Sharon sponsored legislation to build roads, create a stronger economy, and provide for the rural New Mexicans she served. 

Today, Sharon serves on the Public Education Commission, fighting for students and improving the public education system in New Mexico. She also serves on the Board of Directors for Be Well NM, the non-profit in- charge of bringing affordable healthcare to thousands of New Mexicans. 

As a mother, grandmother to four, wife, and woman of faith - Sharon is a true public servant we can trust to fight for the New Mexico we all love. 

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